Exfoliating Mitt


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Our Exfoliating & Tan Removing Mitt is made with a unique fabric that visibly removes tan build up and dead skin - watch small pieces roll away and leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Our mitt is used best prior to getting a tan to prep your skin, or at the end of your tan to get rid of any build up. 

- evens out skin tone and texture by rolling away dead skin
-removes old spray tan and self tan build up
-unclogs pores and reduces chances of ingrown hairs
-improves circulation and stimulates collagen production 

1) Step into shower or bath for 5-10 minutes to dampen skin
2) Step away from direct water and use the glove in up and down and circular motions
3) Continue to do so all over the body and watch the dead skin roll off in small pieces 

*Mitt relies on friction to work best (make sure glove is not too wet)

*Exfoliation depends on area of the body, some areas have dead skin roll off more visibly than others