Care Tips

Pre Tan Instructions

We want you all to have the best spray tan possible.
To do so, there are a few simple instructions that must be followed prior to your tan.
Not following these can result in blotchy, uneven, quick fading tans!

Please contact us if you have any questions


Please exfoliate 24 hours before your appointment. We can not stress this step enough!

This is done to get rid of any dead skin cells, make up, lotion, or previous tan before applying fresh solution.

Shave / Wax

If you shave or wax any parts of your body regularly, please do so 12-24 hours before your spraii appointment.

This is to ensure that all pores are properly closed before we apply our solution.

No Products

Please do not wear any of the below to your spraii appointment.

These will act as a barrier and will not tan certain areas properly: makeup, deodorant, lotion.

Post Tan Instructions

A spraii tan can last up to 10 days - if taken care of properly.
Please follow these instructions to ensure your tan is streak free and fades away naturally.

Please contact us if you have any questions

Dark Loose Clothing

Immediately after your spraii tan, you should put on dark, loose clothing.

Do not wear anything tight to the skin such as yoga pants or bras as it may smudge your fresh tan.

No Water / Sweating

Avoid contact with water before your first shower. This will cause your tan to stop developing and can result in a streaky tan.

This includes sweating, skin to skin contact or any activities that involve water.

Moisturize / Hydrate

Moisturizing can start right after your initial shower after your spraii. The more your moisturize, the longer your tan will last and the fade out will be a lot more even.

This means drinking plenty of water too!

Teeth Whitening Care

Teeth whitening can last up to 3-6 months if teeth are properly taken care of
Things like regular brushing and staying away from teeth staining foods/activities will help.

1st Hour

Drink only water and don’t eat anything for the next hour.

24 Hours

Do not consume food or drinks that are likely to cause stains for the first 24 hours. Example: red wine, coffee, tea, blueberries, tomato sauces, beets, carrots, colas etc

Teeth Whitening Info

White Spots on Teeth: In some cases you may see white spots on certain areas of one or more teeth. These are typically caused by calcium deposits or very porous teeth.

These will normally disappear within 24 hours

White Spots on Gums: Should you have any scrapes or cuts on your gums you may see some white spots and/or feel some sensitivity during your whitening session.

These will normally disappear within 24 hours.

Gum or Teeth Sensitivity: A small percentage of people will have minor tooth and/or gum sensitivity. This normally dissipates within 30 minutes.

If sensitivity persists, use a toothpaste developed for sensitivity.

Touch Up Treatments: After your initial whitening session, a 20 minute “touch up” session is recommended every 6-12 months.

You can purchase our whitening + aftercare gel and simply add to your toothpaste nightly to prevent re-staining.